Our Location

Absolutely quiet area, 500 m outside of Rocca Ciglie in the Langhe/Piemont, Italy.

Located between the Western Alps and the Reviera Coast.

Driving distances:

  • to Turino (approx.1h)
  • to Milano (approx. 2h)
  • to Genova (approx. 1h)
  • to Nice (approx. 2 h)
  • to the Barolo wine area (approx.30 min)
  • to a major shopping outlet for Italian and European fashion (approx. 30 min)
  • to the Reviera beaches (approx. 1h)

Additional Services

We offer individual guided tours with transportation to major attractions, wine tastings and visits to hazelnut and cheese producers (including tastings) in the Langhe area.

In our farm store we offer our own organic certified farm products such as fruits, hazelnuts, vegetables, home-made jams and sauces. We also offer regional products from nearby producers of wine, butter, cheese, salami, pasta and olive oil. Additionally you will find a selection of beverages and beers in our store.